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Make it Personal

by Sue Williams
23 March 2010

Personalised gifts are always treasured. It is now commonplace to include initials on all sorts of presents and leather bound stationery goods commemorating a special day with names, dates and places are always a wonderful way of recalling that memorable event. But why not go further? Books custom bound in fabulous colours (perhaps the recipient’s favourite shade) can be further personalised to include a quotation or even a short poem which has meaning for giver or recipient. English poetry and literature contain a wealth of lines which are suitable for any sentiment or occasion whether it be love, marriage, childhood or simply intended to be inspirational. Spiritual and religious books can be further personalised by the addition of a favourite verse or text – an original way of offering comfort or guidance to the recipient.

But personalisation doesn’t stop there. Why not recall a wonderful holiday with a line or two reminding the recipient (or even oneself) of a particular event? Thank you presents of custom bound books can be made even more special with some lines which have meaning and perhaps reflect the occasion for which thanks are due. Apologies also can be elegantly given in a few carefully chosen words embossed on a beautifully bound book. And of course there are the many books given in friendship; what better way to record permanently that treasured person with a few very personal thoughts embossed on a book?

We can personalise your gift by embossing any message on the front and or the back of the books we bind. If the message is very personal (perhaps not intended to be obvious), a line or two on the back is a discreet way of getting that message across. Everyone treasures a well written letter or card but if that personal message is embossed on a custom hand bound book it will remain a permanent reminder of a place, a date, an occasion and, perhaps most importantly, of a sentiment.

Short of ideas on appropriate wording? We are delighted to advise on content and can recommend quotations, poems and texts which just might work for you. Email us at and we will do all we can to help you make your bound book a truly original and unique gift.

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