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What is bookbinding?

by Marie Stevens
16 December 2009

Bookbinding is not like any other craft. The feel of a hand-bound book, how it opens, how it looks on the shelf, and how it protects its contents are all part of what makes a beautiful binding; a finely made book is an object of truly lasting value.

From the earliest times books were highly valued objects, but with the development of printing in the fifteenth century, the bookbinder’s craft developed into an art form.  Collectors have always had the finest craftsmen adorn their books in leather and gold and out of that tradition has evolved an extraordinary craft.

The onset of mass book production may have seen the reduction of hand bookbinding but in a curious way the digital age has seen a new appreciation in the traditional values of fine printing and hand bound books.

Books are after all wonderful things; not just for the words they contain but as the objects that contain those words.  As long as people continue to love books, the bookbinder’s skills will continue to flourish. 
Rob Shepherd, Shepherds.

Rob Shepherds, Shepherds

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