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by Marie Stevens
7 September 2010

So now you know that Sue is a tremendously eclectic reader and absolutely the best person in the world for a really interesting recommendation. I will see if I can persuade her to offer up some suggestions in another blog.

I had living proof of her superior book knowledge when we attended the Spear’s Book Awards 2010 at the Criterion Restaurant on Monday for which we had bound the ten prizes. To hear her exchanging unpronounceable authors names with an extraordinarily well read (and extremely charming) publisher was as good as a Nadal final. Ping went the serve (Swedish, of course) deftly countered by a cross court drive into modern philosophy and then smashed away at the net by a swift reference to an earlier work. Not even an echo of a grunt and no balls for me to pick up either.

My own current reading list has some serious OCD undertones. Who else in the whole world would be collecting every book by a wholly random group of authors – Noel Streatfeild, Dorothy Canfield (anyone got a copy of Grunhild?) and Dorothy Whipple. Am planning to bind them all – of course I am.

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