Prometheus Bound Books

Interiors and Christmas on our minds

by Marie Stevens
18 September 2011

A really gratifying response to our new PB Couture Covers has made me look critically at the horrendous state of my own bookcases – I am not suggesting that I am the latest word in interior style but it would be very nice to have my sets colour coded (reveal as it would my obsession to read authors in their entirety in turn). For example – Richmal Crompton 31, E.M.Delafield 38, Noel Streatfeild 11, Elizabeth Taylor 13. There is a tremendous similarity in these authors of course – middle class domestic early 20th century – so to prove (to my children who find my focus somewhat odd) that I am not welded to second hand books I am taking time out from received English, Church attendance and nursery puddings to read Caitlin Moran’s brilliant new book, How to Be a Woman. I am only half way through it but can already highly recommend it for the stellar writing and wonderful, self deprecating humour.

Terrifyingly, we now have Christmas on our minds. Magazines (like the fashion industry and my sister who has already started Christmas shopping) think way, way ahead and we are already in production for our Christmas specials which we think will make wonderful gifts This year we have gone all out with the front cover embossing so you can expect to see a beautiful Great Gatsby with an art deco design and a Sherlock Holmes with an embossed deer stalker hat (what else?) on these pages soon. We are also again making nice, chunky, A5 diaries for 2012 in all of our bindings and have some other products which make nice (and easy!) gifts.

We have also taken a stall at the Clifton Nursery Christmas Market (Clifton Villas, London, W9) for the three weekends running up to Christmas which we are looking forward to (not least because the stalls adjoin their amazing cafe…). If anyone wants to see what Sue and I look like in the flesh, come along and take a look at what is on offer. We will have a selection of our books and other products available (and probably a bottle of something bracing under the stall). We’ll put some details about the market up on our site soon – it promises to be a really fun event.

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