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Founder's Message

by Marie Stevens
20 January 2010

We had lunch, we had an idea, we had a lot of supportive friends who gave their time, their enthusiasm (and often their patient attention) and here we are.  The book industry is changing radically; technology both enhances (through the ease with which books can be located) and possibly threatens (the arrival of the ebook)  the traditional approach to book buying.  The former allows one to source easily books that one has lost, lent and never saw again or augment a collection of a favourite, out of print, author’s work. The advantages of the ebook are well known and there is no doubt that access to a number of titles on a small device is an important advance (and will almost certainly encourage wider reading). Amongst all of this there is, we believe, a place for a beautifully bound book. That place is a large one: for collectors and those with, or establishing, libraries, the bound book is a cornerstone; for those who just love the look of books in a room, the interior design possibilities are endless (even in 1888 the great bookbinder Crane balanced the merits of having all books bound in the same binding against (as he put it) allowing diversity to prevail; books as gifts are commonplace – a carefully chosen binding (whether to reflect the book, the occasion or the recipient’s taste) elevates the gift to something special; for that special, treasured book or the book that needs a facelift a new binding refreshes and highlights.

So, the aim was to respect the craft but to make it contemporary, accessible and affordable. We really hope that we have succeeded and that you will find our books as beautiful as we do.

This section of the website is called News and Views. Your thoughts on the website, books and bookbinding will help us to formulate our plans as we bring new book suggestions and bindings forward. Please do email us with your comments – we promise to consider every one.

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