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Easter gifts – books last longer than eggs (and are better for you)

by Marie Stevens
10 March 2010

Gifts are traditional at Easter and many families enjoy giving and exchanging presents of religious significance during the most important festival in the Christian church. New Bibles and prayer books are often given and other books with a spiritual message. However, Easter has a wider meaning for many people, heralding, as it often does the beginning of spring and Easter is a time when gifts are also given of a secular nature. Traditional presents include Easter eggs and other sweets and chocolates and other gifts which signify spring and new life. This Easter, if thinking of a present, a hand bound, personalised book would make a truly unique and original gift for both adult or child. For the gardener, a beautiful gardening book bound in a stylish cover with a personal message inscribed on it would be an original present and last all year, long after more perishable Easter gifts had passed from memory. A personalised copy of a book of wild flowers would be a pleasing reference work and a constant reminder of the giver. Children would undoubtedly enjoy a beautifully bound book of a classic novel or perhaps a unique, personalised copy of a modern favourite – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for younger readers or the Twilight series for teenagers. Easter presents are usually associated with re-birth and a book bound in a new binding would be a unique and personal gift for anyone who appreciates original gifts.

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