Prometheus Bound Books

Detail, detail

by Marie Stevens
11 November 2010

Poor Alex and Alex (the long suffering web development gurus) we have driven them mad over the last few days as we push ourselves over the hill (has felt more like a cliff some days) to launch our special Christmas books and, almost more excitingly, our first hand bound products. The problem with book binding (if you can call it a problem) is that pretty much anything is possible so the challenge has been to give you, dear reader, a good choice of bindings and lots of exciting options for personalisation without requiring you to have some advanced qualification in higher maths in order to work out what’s available. We hope we have succeeded and that you both enjoy looking at the site (thank you Arno the Man for your great photos) and find something to fire your gift imagination.

Launching into hand bound stationery products is a leap of faith for us but so far feedback has been great – and it is very nice to feel that a meeting or two may be recorded in our big thick notebook or that details of someone’s life may be kept for posterity in our three year journal (you remember the one – Sue’s back of the bus antics (a while ago…) caused much nostalgic giggling and inspired our own version). The special books for Christmas will hopefully find favour (and an easy answer to the what on earth can I give him/her/them this year question and not subsequently go into the present re-cycling box we all have but never admit to).

I found a moment to pop into the Antiquarian Book Fair in Chelsea last weekend – which is a bit like a lucky dip. We do try and find lovely older copies of interesting titles to rebind for you (there are one or two in our pre-bound section) but luck escaped me this time. I did find a really nice book on butterflies with just wonderful watercolour pictures which would, rebound, have made a very lovely present save only for the price which in the high four figures was probably a Cabbage White too far. But it was nice to see that books are making a real comeback not only for the serious collector but also for people who don’t have to worry about tax planning and who just like to have a nice, bound copy of their favourite novel to keep (and maybe become a small heirloom).

So I’m back to the detail now – Sue’s got email problems today so I’m the detail Queen for a few hours – I’m thinking she might have been using her screwdriver on her computer. Again.

UK (excl. C.I,N.Scotland,N.I)
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If your country is not included above, please contact us to arrange special delivery.

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